Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary: In Pop Culture-- Part 1

From the March 2014 AARP Bulletin "The Ford Mustang in Pop Culture." //// And, a car I would have loved to drive in 1964, but I was too young for a driver's license. By 1967, I was old enough, but it was in those days before kids got their birthright car at age 16 and Dad MEVER would have bought me one anyway. "What, buy my son a car??!! I'd rather see him walk!!" The article includes pictures. //// "The Ford Mustang, a true American icon turns 50 this year. The first one rolled off the assembly line in March 1964 and debuted the following month at the New York World's Fair. Over the years more than nine million Mustangs have roamed the roadways. Some memories and milestones:" //// Beep, Beep. --RoadDog

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