Monday, April 28, 2014

A Cold Trip to NC-- Part 1: Music On the Way

I left home in Spring Grove, Illinois, on March 23rd with odometer at 24,809 on the '11 Malibu, setting the trip odometers to zero and reading in at 28.4 mpg. Temperature was a mighty brisk 34 degrees. //// One good thing about leaving on a Sunday morning was a was able to listen to Bob Stroud's Rock and Roll Roots on 96.9 and later 97.1 FM, on WDRV. //// At 8:21 AM, he played "Magic Bus," a good traveling song. Driving into Woodstock on Il-129 to pick up Illinois Highway 47, my ultra far out Chicago bypass, I passed Goat Hill and it was too cold for the goats, as they were inside. The Leaning Silo of Woodstock was leaning even more. //// Once to Woodstock, I take Queen Anne Road as a bypass around that town to Il-47. //// Stroud was playing CSNY's "My House." That temp was reported as 21 degrees "biting cold breeze." It sure was, and stayed cold the whole trip. Gas in Woodstock was $3.80 and $3.87 at Stark's Corner at Il-72 and U.S.-20. //// Just Gettin' Started. --RoadDog

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