Friday, April 18, 2014

Missing My Long-Gone Record Stores

With tomorrow being Record Store Day (personally, I prefer National Record Store Day), I think back on three of my all-time favorite record stores that are no longer with us. All of them had listening posts and great selections as well as owners or employees who were very knowledgeable and helpful.. And, you could always find other record nuts in there to talk with. //// The first one was Record Revolution in DeKalb, Illinois, right on the Lincoln Highway. No trip to NIU was complete without a visit here. //// Then, theer was Full Cyrkle Records in Crystal Lake, Illinois, where I always enjoyed talking with owner Skip and Sean. //// Lastly was a place it always cost a hundred bucks to go in since they featured Beach Music, something we have little of here in Illinois. Mean Jean and Stanley were great at keeping me up on what is newest in the genre. //// All Gone But Not Forgotten. --RoadDog

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