Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some Changes in Woodstock Square-- Part 2

There is scaffolding around the old courthouse cupola. I am glad to see that as I have been reading that the building is in need of repair. It is too unique a structure to let go. //// They must have fertilized the grass in the square as it is already very green. //// After the movie, I was able to eat at the Taqueria La Placita at 108 Case Street (815-337-2309). This place served as the Tip-Top Cafe in the movie "Groundhog Day" where several scenes were filmed, including when Bill Murray was cramming all that food into his mouth. //// There have been a succession of restaurants in the place ever since, but none have lasted too long. Here's hoping this one will last. I had some excellent tacos right in the nook where Bill ate. //// Across the square is a restaurant called Angelo's which had the show from the Food Network come in to "save it." It went out of business shortly thereafter. Fortunately, a new person owns it and is returning it to what it was before the Food Network got it. //// --RoadDog

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