Monday, April 14, 2014

The Good, the Good and the Really, Really Bad

All that happened on Saturday around here. //// The first "Good" was that the big stores had opened their yard nurseries, always a favorite time of mine around northern Illinois. That means that spring has arrived. And, with the 70s temps, it sure felt like it. Well, the hail storm in the morning wasn't so good. //// Another really "Good" thing was that I went to my local mom and pop record store in McHenry, The Vinyl Frontier, and found out that next Saturday is the National Record Store Day Celebration, always a favorite of mine. But, even better, I saw a young boy, maybe 8th grade or freshman, going through the stacks. Not ONLY wasn't he downloading tunes, this young guy was grabbing albums. Maybe there is hope for us old, non-downloading folks after all. Maybe albums, CDs and cassettes will somehow survive. //// Now, the BAD and something that definitely will affect my travels this summer. The price of gas had passed tghe "magical" $3.99.9 mark all over McHenry, Illinois, and was at $4.10, or $4.09 as most would say. //// Nolt Every Thing Goes Your Way. Thanks GRBs. --RoadDog

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