Saturday, April 5, 2014

Found Them Uglys

Without a doubt, one of my favorite sweet breakfast items are Uglys, made by Salisbury, NC's Apple Bakery. However, finding them is quite hard. Until last November, the only place I'd seen them was at the BP station west of I-65 in White House, Tennessee. //// However, in November, I was needing a bathroom break and got off at the Hillsborough, NC, exit on I-40 and stopped at the first station I came to. As always, I buy something if I use a station's facilities without buying gas. Was I ever shocked when I saw a whole box of Apple Uglys, so stocked up. I went back there this past Wednesday and stocked up again. //// Then, I got gas at Wytheville, Virginia, always the cheapest gas (well if you call anything above $2 cheap) and got gas for $3.22. It was a Valero station. I never pass up a bathroom break (I don't recommend this one, pretty nasty), but on the way out, I saw they had several varieties of Uglys so bought some more. //// I Know Two Places I'll Be Stopping From Now On. --RoadDog

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