Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ford Mustang's 50th Anniversary-- Part 2: One Good-Lookin' Falcon

How's that for an idea? Take your basic little Falcon, sport it up and sell a lot of them. That essentially was all a Mustang was. And, the early Mustangs looked real good. Then came those gosh-awful 80s things, especially that sad little Mustang II. //// ** FIRST PRODUCTION MUSTANG-- Gail Wise bought the very first production Mustang in 1964 at age 22. She paid $3,447.50. She is in a picture taken in 2010 and still owns it. "Hey, Gail. Wanna sell it?" //// ** MUSTANG SKETCHES AND EMBLEM-- Ex-GM designer Phil Clark did the first sketches for a new Ford sports car and the running pony emblem. //// ** "BULLITT" CHASE-- Steve McQueen drove a Shelby GT390 during the legendary 9-minute, 42-second chase scene in the 1968 movie "Bullitt. I didn't remember the car as I was way TOO Scared. //// Henry Ford Would Have Been So Proud. --RoadDog

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