Friday, April 11, 2014

Midwest Culinary Classics-- Part 1

From the March 16, 2014, Chicago Tribune by Mary Bergin. //// The James Beard Foundation announced finalists in its annual culinary awards //// Past Chicago winners of this prestigious award: Calumet Fisheries in 2010, Tufano's Vernon Park Tap in 2008 and the Berghoff in 1999. //// One of the finalists this year is Sokolowski's University Inn in Cleveland, a cafeteria-style restaurant that began as a tavern in 1923 and started serving Salisburg steak to construction workers in the 1950s. That entree coupled with Polish foods like pierogi, kielbassa and stuffed cabbage rolls are still served. Located at 1201 University Road. //// However, winning a Classics Award does not ensure a great future. Chicago's Berghoff closed in 2006, but then reopened (I'm still mad about that one. The family sure took advantage of folks in that move and made a lot of money in doing so. //// The Pickwick Restaurant and Pub in Duluth, Minnesotawon it in 2007, then was sold in 2010. It had begun serving simple grub as a beer brweers pub 100 years ago. Now it is known for its char-grilled steaks, seafood and pasta. It is at 508 E. Superior Street in Duluth. //// More Good Food Coming At Ya. --RoadDog

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