Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Midwest Culinary Classics-- Part 4: Lagomarchino's

When traveling, what better way to pick up local culture, than eating local? Here is another likely spots to eat in the Midwest. As I said, we will be checking out Breitbach's Country Dining in tiny Balltown, Iowa, (pop. 68), near Dubuque and half-way between there and Decorah, where we hope to see their famed bald eagles. //// LAGOMARCINO'S-- Moline, Illinois. Now, here's another town we have been to often, we're huge fans of the Quad Cities out there on the Mississippi River, but this is yet another place we've never heard of before. //// The century-old soda fountain, established by an immigrant from northern Italy, is best-known for hot fudge sundaes topped with whipped cream which is nearly as high as the ice cream is deep. //// Sauces arrive on the side, in a little glass pitcher. A lunch favorite is ham salad, served on a house-made Swedish rye. //// Located at 1422 Fifth Avenue, Moline. There is a newer Lagomarchino's in East Davenport, across the river. //// --Getting Hungry. --RoadDog

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