Monday, April 7, 2014

And Then, There Are Those Two New Bob Waldmire Prints: The Bridge

Two more road-related items that need a place to hang. //// When I got home from my NC trip Thursday, Liz showed me two more things that MUST be framed and put up on a wall: somewhere, somehow. I've already stopped by Dollar Tree and bought the frames. //// These two prints were gifts from friends and fellow roadies Barb and Glen who were at a museum (I think Liz said the Route 66 one in Pontiac, Illinois) and won them and then gave them to us. //// One is dated 10-96 and shows the famed Route 66 "Chain-of-Rocks Bridge, St. Louis, Missouri" right there at the bend. We're hoping to get to cross it this June with the Route 66 Association of Illinois' annual motor tour. That's a drive through history. //// To Hang a Bridge, But...Where? --RoadDog

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