Monday, April 21, 2014

Midwest Culinary Delights-- Part 5

AL'S BREAKFAST-- Minneapolis. Its Facebook page proudly boasts: "There's a stool for every a__" even if it is just ten feet wide and considered the city's narrowest restaurant. And, they can seat a whopping fourteen of thoses a__es. Hearty fare with a little flair as well. Things like sweet potato latkes and pumpkin pancakes. They close at 1 PM and cash only at 413 14th Avenue. SE. //// THREE BROTHERS-- Milwaukee. Branko Radicevic turns 91 this April and has lived much of his adult life above this Bay View neighborhood landmark, which his father opened in 1950. The menu is Serbian fare and hasn't changed much since then. Try a buttery and flaky burek filled with cheese and spinich or meat at 2414 S. St. Clair Street. //// Gettin' Hongry. --RoadDog

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