Saturday, February 21, 2015

U.S. State Tidbits: Ice Cream School, German Capital and Pennant Flag

MISSOURI--  Ever since an 18-foot high ice cream cone sculpture was erected  out front, Mesnier Primary School in Affton (pop.20,307) has been known as "The Ice Cream School."  Built in 1942, the sculpture originally stood in front of a Velvet Freeze ice cream shop and was moved to the school in 1992.  I wonder if the kids get to have their ice cream and eat it too.

NORTH DAKOTA--  What does the state capital and a famous German warship have in common?  Both were named after German chancellor Otto von Bismarck.  The state capital in 1872.

OHIO--  The only state whose flag is in the shape of a pennant.  It is called the Ohio burgee with its blue field standing for the state's hills and lakes.  The stripes represent the roads and waterways (they have a lot of canals).  The 13 stars around the circle are the original 13 states and the four additional stars at the peak of the triangle are for Ohio being the 17th state.

Stuff You Didn't Know.  --RoadDog

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