Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bald Eagles January 2015-- Part 2: Winter Wonderland

The farther we got west of Freeport, the prettier the scenery.  Everything, even the trees and bushes, were covered with snow, a real winter wonderland.  Nature had certainly been doing its painting.  Then, we hit the roller coaster US-20, up and down, up and down.  Then, we started getting those beautiful vistas, especially getting near Elizabeth.  Anyone who thinks Illinois is all flat needs to drive this section of 20. It sure "ain't!!"

We were happy to find the snow on the ground and not the roads.

Tapley Woods (between Elizabeth and Galena, were especially pretty  As pretty as your first view of Galena on the hillside off beyond the river, the white snow gives it another whole look.

Took a right off US-20 by Main Street and went past the flood gates.  This is entering 1840s-1850s America as, when the lead played out, which gave the region and Galena its early importance, the town was left pretty much to decay.  What U.S. Grant would see in the late 1850s is what you see today.

Driving Through a Winter Wonderland--RoadDog

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