Friday, February 6, 2015

2015 Groundhog Days in Woodstock-- Part 2: Papa G's and Groundhog Tales

Actually, I did this before I went to the Defenders book store.

I walked by Papa G's Restaurant next to the Opera House.  This is where the long-time restaurant Angelo's used to be (and a favorite of ours).  Angelo's was at first considered to be the site of where the Tip Top Cafe (where Bill stuffed his face and knew everybody), but something didn't work out and an empty store across the Square was made into a restaurant just for the movie.

I went to the Home State Bank (in the old post office building) and heard Jim May, a noted local storyteller, was giving a presentation on Groundhog Tales.  He's been doing this for many years, but at 10 a.m., when I usually go to see the movie.

The place was packed.  I came in a bit late.

He first talked about groundhogs and their importance to mountain people of the Appalachian Mountains. He said they make banjo heads out of groundhog hides and use their oil which is very clean and somewhat like Vicks Vapor .

He is every bit as good of a storyteller as I had heard.

Up Next, The Three Little Pigs, Appalachian-Style.  --RoadDog

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