Monday, February 23, 2015

Key Moments in Pullman History-- Part 1

From the Feb. 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune (same article as previous post).

George Pullman, an industrialist who made his fortune by manufacturing the famed railroad sleeper car, built a carefully-planned community on what became Chicago's Far South Side.  The Pullman community, at its peak, supported 20,000 employees who worked, shopped and lived in his company town.  On Thursday, President Barack Obama formally designated the Pullman factory district a national monument.

The area is between 103rd and 115th streets and bounded on the west by Cottage Grove Avenue and east by the Norfolk & Western Rail Line.

1880-1885: T The majority of the town is built on 4,000 acres south of Chicago, including 1,750 company-owned houses, a church, a hotel, a school and a building that housed offices, stores, a library and a bank.

The population grows from the first residents in 1881 to 3,500 in 1882 and to almost 9,000 in 1885.

George Pullman's Vision.  --RoadDog

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