Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015 "Groundhog Days" in Woodstock-- Part 4: Swiss Maid Bakery and Tip Top Cafe

After the Groundhog Tales, I walked over to the Square Mall and bought some books and CDs from the McHenry Defender's.

I then had to take them back to the car parked off the square as they were too heavy to tote around.

On the way back, i stopped at the Swiss Maid Bakery and bought an iced groundhog cookie and devoured that quickly.  You can see part of this place in the background of the corner where Ned "assaulted" Bill Murray and where the old man was begging.

One day during the filming, Bill Murray went over to the bakery and bought every last thing they had and passed them out to the onlookers and crew.

Walked past the Mexican restaurant which is on the site of the old Tip Top Cafe where Bill and Andie had all those talks and where Bill really stuffed his face.  I had thought about getting something to eat, but it was standing room only.

This place was an unoccupied building at the time of the shoot and turned into a restaurant.

Murray made his splash-step into that puddle outside of this restaurant.

"Watch that First Step.  It's a Doozy."  --RoadDog

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