Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hot Spots for Spring Break: Panama City Beach

Temperature here in Spring Grove, Illinois, was 2 degrees on the front porch thermometer and -2 degrees on the deck a few hours ago.  Sure gets the hankering to go elsewhere.

OK, our long as we're out of there before the college kids arrive.  This is our Winter break spot.  Lots of retired folks like us and very inexpensive lodging in January and February, though it can get cold on occasion (well, 50-60s) on occasion that early in the year, but mostly in upper 60s-70 degrees.

If, you Google "spring break partying" this name comes up first.

Twenty-seven miles of white sugar-sand and over 15,000 lodging options.  Getting there is easy now with the opening of the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport.

A highlight for spring breakers id the free, good old boy Luke Bran Spring break Concert March 11 and 12.  he has performed it for the last six years.  Depending upon whose counting, it draws between 15,00 to 100,000 breakers.  A photo of it accompanies the article and it is one HUGE mass of college folk.

Other popular partying places are Harpoon Harry's, Hammerhead Fred's and Sharky's Beachfront Restaurant and Tiki Bar.  We've been to all of these places (before the kids come).  The last place, Shark's is within walking distance of the old two-story motel where we stay (across from Donovan's Reef.

Just Got Out of There By February 28th.  --RoadDog

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