Monday, February 23, 2015

No F.L.A. for Us

We sure were looking forward to getting down to sunny and warm Florida, to Panama City Beach this week (so long as we could get out before the college students arrived and rates went sky-high).  But, we had those ice storms, sub-freezing temps, etc in Tennessee last week and now, this week, 50s and often rain at PCB.  I am not going to drive 1100 miles for that.  I might just as well stay here and freeze in northern Illinois.

Even though this week forecasts don't have us getting above freezing all week.  These are not wind chills.  M-11 degrees, Tues. 28, Wed. 18, Thurs.- 10-14, Friday 15-19, Sat. lower 20s and Sun. lower 30s.

Can't stand this winter Global Blah, blah, blah much more.

And, I keep telling the Canadian Folk to Keep Their Weather.  --RoadOg

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