Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bald Eagles Update: Classifying Eaglet Development

My wife follows several bald eagle cams very closely and shows me highlights.

I have developed two categories of bald eagle young.  First, they are "Bandidos."  In that they are mostly white down with a black band by eyes and beaks which make them look like they're wearing masks.  This is when they are have those voracious, need-to-be fed appetites.  This is also when they tend to bonk each other to establish the pecking order among siblings.

Then, they enter the phase I call "Galoot."  This is when they have problems with their huge talons and learn to stand, exercise wings and learn to eat their own food.  This is in preparation for branching and then their first flight.

Spending Too Much Time Watching Eaglets.  --RoadDog

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