Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Key Moments in Pullman History-- Part 2

1889--  Chicago annexes the township surrounding Pullman's development despite his opposition.

1893-1894--  When a depression hits, Pullman sharply lowers wages but refuses to lower rents.  Workers appeal to the American Railway Union, which supports a company-wide strike.

When 13 people are killed in riots, President Grover Cleveland sends in federal troops to restore the peace.  Primarily to oppose the workers.

1897--  Pullman dies of a heart attack at age 66.  The next year, the Illinois Supreme Court orders land not used for factories to be sold.  The population is 8,000.  By 1907, all residential properties are sold.

1925--  The first all-black union is formed, the Brotherhood of Sleeping Cab Porters, is formed.

1960--  The Pullman Civic organization is formed to save the community from demolition by developers who want to build an industrial complex.

1971--  The Pullman District becomes a national historic landmark.  The next year, it becomes a Chicago Landmark.


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