Monday, February 23, 2015

Pullman Factory District in Chicago Becomes National Monument

From Feb. 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Designation a good start, but Pullman requires more" by Blair Kamin.

Everyone is happy to have it finally happen, even if there are many political election ramifications.  Pullman sits 15 miles from the downtown of Chicago and is surrounded by neighborhoods with plenty of violence.  Backers of Pullman predict that in another ten years, the site will be drawing at least 300,000 visitors annually.

And, for us Route 66 folk, it is another thing to see when in Chicago to start your trip (or finish it).

Private money is backing the transformation and the National Park service will see that it becomes a safe and worthwhile place to visit.

None other than Chicago's President Barack Obama was on hand to announce it becoming a national monument.  This coming just days before the election for mayor with buddy, and mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, facing stiff opposition.

We'll Take It Anyway We Can Get It.  Politics Or No Politics.  --RoadDog

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