Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Great River Tug Fest-- Part 2

Viewing areas are set off on both sides of the river.

But, Tug Fest is more than just a tug, though.  It also has parades, a carnival, live entertainment, food and even mini tugs for kids.  This year's contest took place August 7-9th with spectators treated to a huge fireworks display from a barge in the middle of the river on August 8th.

You can get more information about next year's list of events at for Port Bryon and for LeClaire.

In case you're wondering, until last weekend, Illinois leads 16-11.  I don't know who won the latest effort.    But, Iowa is serious about catching up and start practicing as early as May and participants learn techniques, the key of which is the 45 degree angle of the body

The teams first run backward to take up slack in the rope, then they dig in and...

Pull, Pull, Pull for Iowa.  --RoadDog

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