Thursday, August 28, 2014

Milwaukee Indy Fest-- Part 6: Jokers at the Gates

We stayed around and talked with Bob, Paul and Terri after the race, since we were finally able to hear one another.  Always great to talk with old comrades on the front lines in teaching.  I taught with all of these people for at least 20 years each.  Like in the rest of the business world today, people don't stay at one teaching job for their whole careers anymore.  Either by choice or districts looking for newer, less expensive teachers.

Paul got to the race just a short time before us and had to park as far away as you can, so we all walked and walked and walked to the other side of the fairgrounds.  Surprisingly, there were still lines of cars waiting to get out, even though there couldn't have been more than 500 people around for the winners circle ceremony.

There was a long line of cars waiting to get out to the east and we saw a short line waiting to leave to the west so drove over to it, but just as we got to it, the workers closed the gate with big smiles on their faces and very rudely told us we couldn't get out that way.  And, with big smiles on their faces.  Obviously, no tips for these jokers.  And using the word workers is using the term very loosely.

We decided to not take I-94 back as on two occasions we saw huge backups in the southbound lanes, so drove around Milwaukee as we were finally able to get away from the fest traffic several miles to the east.  We finally got out west of the bypass and on 100th Street, with its mile after mile of shopping and traffic.  Took it out to US-45.


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