Saturday, August 2, 2014

Road Work Ahead-- Part 3: NC Trip Summer 2014

Took the same route back home the last two days.  And, surprisingly, all that road work was still there.  I was kind of hoping that they'd be finished.  

I'd estimate that a good 10-15 percent of all road mileage  were under construction.  Talked with others who agreed that there sure was a lot of roadwork out there.  One guy said he was sure all this work was out there so that Democrats would get the vote of road construction guys in the November elections.

From Goldsboro, I took US-70, I-40, US-52, I-77, US-33, I-270 around Columbus, Ohio, I-70, I-465 around Indianapolis, I-74, Il-47 and Il-120 to Spring Grove.

Drove 650 miles on Thursday and the last 400 yesterday.

All That Road Work.  --RoadDog

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