Thursday, August 21, 2014

Five Things We Love About State Fairs-- Part 1: Big Tex

From the July 20-26, 2014, American Profile Magazine by Sarah Miller.

Rides on the mighty midway, animal-calling competitions, fireworks, funnel cake, kettle corn.  You'll find all these things and more at most every fairground."  But a few fairs went above and beyond in their creativity.  She picked five:

1.  BIG TEX-- State Fair of Texas (Dallas, Sept. 26-Oct. 19.  A 55-foot tall cowboy statue wearing a 75-gallon hat has been greeting folks since 1949, but as a Santa Claus statue commissioned by the local chamber of commerce to drum up the Christmas shopping season in Kerens, Texas.

In 1951, former fair president R.L. Thornton purchased the statue for $750 and hired a Dallas artist to transform the jolly guy into the giant cow-puncher.  Over the years, he has gotten a nose job and a mechanical arm that waves as well as remote speaker system lets him have a voice.

An electrical fire destroyed much of "Big tex" in 2012, but a taller, heavier and stronger "Big tex" returned last year.

Things Are Bigger in Texas.  --RoadDog

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