Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer 2014 Trip-- Part 13; Arrive Goldsboro

July 22, 2014.

Left early and drove 645.1 miles today.   Sadly, too early for the 10 a.m. openings of the Skyline Chili places, but did have a delicious sausage sandwich at Dogwood Crossing in Rockbridge, Ohio, southeast of Columbus on US-33.

Outside of Athens, Ohio, I picked up a station playing some great music at 104.1, WNKU, a public radio station with a good reach as I was quite a distance away at the time.  I bet I can get it most of the way I take through Ohio on I-70 and US-33.  I'll keep this in mind next trip.

Got gas and found they had Uglys at the Hess station in Wytheville, Virginia.  Perhaps all Hess stations have Uglys.  I'll have to check.

Real big back up of traffic south of Wytheville.

Stopped at a Lexington (N.C.) barbecue place in Mt. Airy, N.C. as Snappy Lunch was already closed (at 1:45 p.m..  Good Western Carolina-style 'cue.

Enjoyed listening to the Seventies at Seven on Raleigh's 102.9 FM

No major traffic slow-downs or stops on I-40, even through the Durham/Raleigh I-40 horror.  I was a bit behind rush hour, though.  Arrived Goldsboro at 8:30.  Today, I drove 645.1 miles and the trip odometer showed 1038.8 miles.  MPG was 32.6.


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