Friday, August 15, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Trip Summer 2014-- Part 16: Must Remember Flip Flops

From day one at Topsail Beach, I remembered the hard way that I must bring my flip-flops along with me.

I had to walk to the beach barefoot and that was severely painful across the small rocks at the end of the concrete at the condos as well as the regular gravel stones by the walkway to the beach.  It was a painful walk to the beach.

My brother Bob forgot his flip-flops as well, so when he arrived at Topsail Beach on Sunday, we went out in search for some of those foot-savers.  All the flip-flops we found at the Wings and other souvenir stores were $9-10.  A bit more than I cared to spend.

Drove across the swing bridge and found a Dollar General (or Family Dollar) and bought flip-flops for $6.  And, they had the thicker soles.  Ah, smooth striding to the beach again.

Be Fine My Poor Feet.  --RoadDog

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