Friday, August 22, 2014

Five Things We Love About State Fairs-- Part 2: Big Ol' Butter Cow

BUTTER COW,  Iowa State Fair: Des Moines, Aug. 7-17.

It's like butter, only a whole lot of it.  For over a century, 600 pounds of butter has been transformed into a perfectly sculpted cow by way of tools mostly found in your kitchen.  It has served as the symbol of the Iowa State Fair

Of course, it is kept behind glass in a 40 degree refrigerated room so no sneak licks.

The first one was made by J.K. Daniels in 1911 and since then four other sculptors have made the cow.  It takes an average of five days to do build it, which includes a metal, wood and mesh wire frame before they layer it with butter.

So, It Is Hollow.  --RoadDog

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