Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take US-45 between Milwaukee and the Illinois Line: A Drive in the Country

Returning from the Indy Fest in Milwaukee, well, West Allis, a suburb of Brew Town, we decided against taking I-94.  It wasn't much fun driving north on it and, with the traffic jams we saw going south on it, I-94 just wasn't an option.  Plus, all that traffic from Flatlanders (Illinois residents) returning home from Chessehead Land (Wisconsin) on Sundays.

Let's find an alternative and US-45 it was.  US-45 goes from Mobile, Alabama all the way to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and we have drive all of it from Mobile to Champaign, Illinois, and from the Chicago suburbs to Appleton, Wisconsin.

We picked up US-45 by Hale's Corner.  Once past Muskego, it was essentially that beautiful southern Wisconsin hilly and farm driving.  And, not very much traffic.  The biggest town was Union Grove, a very pretty one.

Like driving Route 66 through Missouri, only closer to home.


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