Monday, August 11, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer Trip-- Part 12: Gettin' Gas

I always find it interesting to note gas prices in different places during my trips.  I round up, so $3.45.9 would be $3.46.  Here are the gas prices I paid:

July 21st: Crawfordsville, Ind. $3.46
July 22nd: Rockbridge, Ohio $3.50
July 22nd: Wytheville, Virginia $3.20

July 24th:  Goldsboro, N.C. $$3.40

July 31st:  Wytheville, Virginia $3.14
July 31st: Rockbridge, Ohio  $3.55
August 1st:  Crawfordsville, Indiana $3.44
August 1st:  Dwight, Illinois $$3.40

Of interest, Crawfordsville, Indiana, had dropped two cents.  Rockbridge, Ohio, had gotten five cents more expensive and Wytheville, Virginia, had dropped six cents.

Wytheville is always the cheapest gas on the trip and a definite stop (plus, now I know they have those Uglys!!).

Eating Uglys and Getting Gas.  --RoadDog

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