Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indy Fest at Milwaukee-- Part 1

This past Sunday, we went to the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in West Allis, Wisconsin, just west of Milwaukee for the 2014 Indy Fest Race, featuring most of the drivers I's seen in may at the Indy 500.  We were all there as guests of Terri, a teacher I taught with for around 27 years in Round Lake, Illinois.  This is her last year as she is retiring after 35 years.

As such, she invited us and some of the other teachers I taught with, including Bob and Paul, so it was like old home week, even if we couldn't talk until after the race.  It is pretty impossible to talk and hear each other with those cars coming around that often (on the one-mile race track).  This was Liz's first car race and my fourth (3 Indys).

We had quite the drive getting there as we were stopped at Wilmot, Wisconsin for the Kenosha County fair.  Then, we had a slider attack at the Wis-50 entrance ramp to I-94.  It is essentially against the law to drive past a White Castle when we're hungry.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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