Monday, August 25, 2014

Five Things We Love About State Fairs-- Part 5: The Giant Cabbage

GIANT CABBAGE CONTEST:  Alaska State Fair in Palmer, August 21-September 1.

Blame it on summertime's 24 hours of daylight.  Alaska, the nation's largest state, boasts fertile ground and grows some seriously oversized produce. The Giant Cabbage Contest was introduced at the fair in 1941.

The manager of the Alaska Railroad sponsored the first contest and awarded Max Sherrod a $25 prize for his 23-pounder.  Scott Robb won it in 2012 and got $2,000 prize for his Guinness World record whopping nearly 138-pounder.

They have a picture and, man, that is one really, really big cabbage.

Corned beef and Cabbage Anybody.  --RoadDog

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