Monday, August 4, 2014

Road Work Ahead: NC Summer trip-- Part 5: Stockpiling Goodies

When I visit North Carolina, I like to stock up on items that I can't get here in Illinois.

Of course, those great Ugly pastries are high on my list.  I now know two stations in Wytheville, Virginia, that sell them and one in Hillsborough, NC.  I bought eight of them of various flavors.

Of course, too, I had to get my two-liter bottles of Diet Cheerwine pop and I got three of them.

I was surprised to see that our local Jewel grocery store in Spring Grove sells the individual packets of grits, but just in the regular flavor.  I bought there boxes of them in various flavors.

Add to my list of booty, one jar of Paul's Famous hot dog sauce and there jars of Chow-Chow relish.

Lastly, I bought one bottle of Bulls-Eye Carolina bbq sauce, even though it is the South Carolina mustard based stuff; still good though.

It is no longer necessary to stock up on varieties of Mt. Olive pickles as they sell them all over the country now.

Stocking Up and Eating Right.  --RoadDog

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