Saturday, August 9, 2014

Road Work Ahead, N.C. Summer Trip: Gas, Lew and Richmond

No further getting lost as i continued south on Illinois-47 to Mahomet where I got on I-74 past Champaign-Urbana, University of Illinois, and Danville and on into Indiana.  As usual, stopped at the Pilot station east of Crawfordsville and filled up with gas at $3.46 ($3.45.9).

I noticed a sign at the exit for it, 39, for the General Lew Wallace Study and Museum which is located somewhere in the area.  I believe this to be for the Civil War General Lew Wallace and since I have a big interest in this war, I'll have to find out about it.

Stopped at Exit 66 by Brownsburg, Indiana, outside of Indianapolis and had my Slider Attack at White Castle while waiting for the rush hour to die down.  Straight through cruise through Indianapolis to I-70 and then east to the Motel 6 in Richmond, Indiana, right on the Ohio border, where I spent the night.

Drove around and enjoyed talking with some folks at the Buffalo Wings and Rings.  There were even folks who knew what my "Fear the Feathers" tee shirt was all about.

My Motel 6 room, which cost $52, also included a jacuzzi.  Wow!!

I drove 393.7 miles today and my MPG now was at 30.0.


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