Friday, August 29, 2014

Got My Sugar Rush at Britt's Donut Shop at Carolina Beach, N.C.

On July 28th, Mom, Bob and I took a trip to Carolina Beach and points south, but the big reason for going to Carolina Beach was to stop at Britt's Donuts for some of those melt-in-your-mouth donuts.

We were hoping they would be open since this is the summer high tourist season, and they were.  The place was crowded as usual with a big turnover.  And, they were celebrating their 75th year in business.  I doubt that anything in the place has changed in that time either, other than, of course, the price of those sugar delights.

They now cost 95 cents.  A half dozen goes for $5.95 and best deal is a dozen for $7.99.  I happily forked over the money for the dozen, figuring two apiece would leave us with six for tomorrow.  Drinks of fountain Coke were $1.25 in a very, very small Styrofoam cup.  Kind of a rip-off, but then, there were those donuts.

You get them within minutes of making them in the fryer, sometimes right out of it.  Be careful of burned tongues and lips.

Tastes today, just like it did when I first went back in the 50s.

What You Can call a Well-Balanced Lunch.  --RoadDog

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