Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ten Things You Didn't Know About the '48 Tucker-- Part 2

6. The TUCKER ENGINE was a water-cooled adaptation of an air-cooled airplane engine.

7. The TUCKER ENGINE could be removed in 30 minutes by one man.

8. SEVEN TUCKERS were driven around the Indianapolis Speedway for two weeks at 90-95 mph average in 1948. One car blew a tire at 100 mph and rolled three times, but the driver walked away.

9. Despite charges of fraud, the company's BALANCE SHEET on Oct. 31, 1948, showed $16 million in assets and $2 million in liabilities.

10. US Attorney OTTO KERNER, Jr., who prosecuted the Tucker Corp., was later convicted on 17 counts of bribery, conspiracy and related charges for stock fraud in 1974. He was an Illinois governor from 1961-1968.

Good Old Illinois Again. --RoadDog

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