Thursday, May 5, 2011

Springfield's Norb Andy's Is Open Again-- Part 1

Good news for Route 66ers and anyone who likes a truly unique experience. Norb Andy's got its start back in 1837 as the home of Virgil Hickox and his family, is back!!!

The place is on Capitol Drive, right down from the Illinois State Capitol building.

Dating back to 1837, is it possible that one Mr. A. Lincoln might have visited there at some point?

Back in 2002, on our first stay in Springfield during the Route 66 Association of Illinois' annual motor tour, we asked some folks where we could get one of these horseshoe sandwiches we had been hearing so much about and were directed to this place in the building's basement.

This is where we had our first bite of this Central Illinois tradition and we were immediately hooked after I inquired what a ponyshoe was. OK, that makes sense. It's the same as a horseshoe, only smaller.

The last time through Springfield back on the 2010 Motor Tour, we found it was open, but closed on Sundays. we definitely marked it for a visit. Monday, after leaving the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Liz and I visited.

Sure Nice Sitting at That Bar Again. --RoadDog

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