Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Feast Fit for an Almost-Sixty-Year-Old-- Part 3

Those Riviera Docks are worth the price of admission by themselves. Check out Yahoo images. Then, tied up to them are the Gage Lake Geneva Cruise Line fleet of ships, some dating back to 1900 and restored perfectly for a taste of when the best way to get from place to place around Geneva Lake was by boat, before US-12 was built.

You have a variety of tours you can take on these boats. Check out the www.cruiselakegeneva.com website.

Today, work was being done on the hull of one of the boats.


Fish fries are quite popular on Fridays around the Chicagoland area because of the large number of Catholics who did not eat meat on Fridays for many years until fairly recently.

There are many really good ones, but I'd vote the best as being here at Popeye's. It was $11.99, but has been raised to $12.50 and worth every cent, but even better at $6.25!!

You get your choice of fried or broiled or a combo, which is what we get. The boiled is good, but the fried is the best I've had. Cod and the outside is the perfect breading and inside moist.

Then, you have your choice of fries or potato pancakes. Not much of a question for us. We never turn down a chance for potato pancakes. You can get fries anywhere, but not tater 'cakes. What is the proper way to eat potato pancakes? You need to have apple sauce on every piece approaching the mouth.

And then there is apple sauce, homemade cole slaw and drawn butter for the boiled fish.

Then, they have the audacity to ask if you want dessert. Hey, I just had my dessert and only wish I had room for more.

Good Eatin' in the Neighborhood. --RoadDog

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