Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eat Your Way Across America: 50 Staes, 50 Festivals-- Part 3: The South

Going to the Southlands Now.

1. JAMBALAYA FESTIVAL, GONZALEZ, LA. MAY 26-29-- Dozens of varieties of this Cajun-Creole dish. Also, Po' Boys and crawfish bread.

2. INTERNATIONAL BISCUIT FESTIVAL, KNOXVILLE, TN MAY 27-28-- See which baker "will rise to the occasion." Grand Champion last year was the Fat Elvis, a peanut butter, banana and bacon creation.

3. GEORGIA PEACH FESTIVAL, FORT VALLEY, GA. JUNE 3-11-- Mix 150 pounds flour, 75 pounds butter, 150 pounds sugar, 32 gallons milk and 75 pounds peaches and what do you get? At 5X11 feet, the world's largest peach cobbler!

4. NORTH CAROLINA BLUEBERRY FESTIVAL, BURGAW, NC JUNE 18-- Pies, buckles(?) and breads ina picture-perfect town.

5. SLUGBURGER FESTIVAL, CORINTH, MS. JULY 7-9-- Definitely an unappetizing name as I have to fight them over my hostas and other flowers every year. But, a slugburger is actually a deep-fried beef and soy-meal patty served on a bun.

I'll Have a Slug and Cobb. --RoadDog

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