Thursday, May 5, 2011

All-Time High for Gas!!!

Yesterday, our first day back in town, the price 0f gas in Spring Grove, Illinois, was $4.36.9!! That's $4.37. I heard that in nearby Fox Lake, it was $4.30 and it was $4.30 at Rock Corner.

This is an all-time high for gas, even beating out the short-lived $4.20 we had several years ago when BO last tried to make these obscene profits.

All this, even though US consumption of gas dropped 2% and is dropping more. There is no reason for gas to be this high other than the GRBs wanting to make some money, big time and right away.

It is unbelievable that Exxon, after posting a $13 billion profit the first three months of this year, would say that the price of oil had nothing to do with their profit.

I tell you, the government and other countries of the world have to step in and set the price of oil at $40 a barrel. The free market economy has to be dropped in this instance. Or, at least until the GRB BO folks learn to play well with everybody else.

Not Funny in the Least. --RoadDog

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