Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Our Kicks on Fruit 66 (That's Right, Fruit!)

GET YOUR NUTRITIONAL KICKS as it says on the label.

May 2nd, we were in the Southside Pub (part of the TraveLodge Motel) in Springfield, Illinois, toasting the end of a horrible man and having a good time with various patrons, when I espied these funny-looking cans in a variety of colors behind the bar. They looked like these new energy drinks and each one sported a big 66 in a shield.

They turned out to be cans of Fruit 66 sparkling fruit juice. They were a bit on the pricey side at $2.75 for 8 ounces but we just had to try one. We got the orange tangerine flavor.

Very, very tasty and, as the label said, equivalent to one serving of fruit. Also, 100% pure juice + 2 oz of sparkling water. No added sugars, no artificial or colors, gluten free, caffeine free and no preservatives.

The people at the TraveLodge say they are always looking for things to show their Route 66 heritage.

You can get more information about the drink at and is put out by 4U2U Brands LLC. out of Richmond, Virginia.

Now, You Can Have Your Kicks and Fruit, Too. --RoadDog

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