Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding Rollins Road-- Part 4

Continued from Oct. 11, 2010.

Rollins Road is a major east-west road connecting eastern and western Lake County in Illinois (northeast corner of the state by Lake Michigan and bordering Wisconsin).

Today, it goes from Gurnee to Fox Lake. Until a few years ago, it ended at US-45 at its eastern terminus, but that was extended to Grand Avenue, Il-132, a few miles west of Gurnee Mills.

The western terminus is at Grand Avenue in Fox Lake by Millenium Park.

I have driven this road many times going to our boat, which is moored in Fox Lake. Plus, the majority of Round Lake Beach's SHS (Standard Homeginized Stuff) big box stores are along Rollins from Il-83 to Cedar Lake Road. Our house in Round Lake Beach was just a few blocks south of Rollins.

Driving from Spring Grove to the new middle school in Round Lake Heights for my last two years teaching 2004-2006, was entirely along Rollins from Fox Lake.

Besides the extension at the eastern end, I have seen a realignment from east of Wilson Road to Washington Street in Ingleside. There have been many realignments and extensions in the past.

At least now, after looking at the old Illinois road maps, I know the name came from a little village (no longer there) about where the present Rollins Road crosses Il-83. Of course, this village might have been named after a Rollins family.

It's a Rollins Thing, You Wouldn't Understand. --RoadDog

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