Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Illinois Civil War Cruise-- Part 4: 66 Museum-- Funk's-- Dixie


Drove to the Route 66 Association of Illinois' Hall of Fame Museum in Pontiac. This is the first time we've seen the Bob Waldmire VW van since its move to the museum. It is inside. We'd seen it many times when he was still alive. Always wondered how he was able to get so much inside it.

A couple from the Netherlands were touring the museum while we were there.

We went outside and saw his school bus/home for the first time. That is some vehicle. It is parked behind the museum and I imagine they will at some time have to put it under a roof to prevent deterioration.

Across the street is the new Bob Waldmire mural.


Drove 66 to Towanda and drove by Schenk's Garage, always a stop on our trip. And I thought I had a lot of Route 66 stuff. Dawn is having a party there next Saturday during the Red Carpet Corridor Celebration with that fun Rockabilly band Hillbilly Jones who were there last year.

As usual,took the interstate around Bloomington-Normal, the town's that ignore their 66 heritage.

Got back on 66 south of town at "Please don't call me Shirley." Stopped at Funk's Grove for some of the new crop of "sirup." Got to talking with the owner about the place's Civil War history.

On the way out, two guys from New Jersey were coming in. They were driving the length of 66. We told them about the Cozy Dog, Curve Inn and Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, where they were spending the night.

Ran into them again at the Dixie Trucker's Home in McLean.

Almost There. --RoadDog

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