Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Fl.--Part 13: Frank's Confusion, Packer Town USA

February 5th


Today, Frank had another one of those senior moments. A silver car was in the hotel parking lot and Franks says, "Hey, someone has the same little Daewoo (referring to our Aveo rental) and he tries to get into it. Only, it is a silver Chevy Cobalt. Thankfully, the owner wasn't around.


After returning to the hotel from Hooter's, I walked over to the Monkey Bar and was approached by a guy saying, "I've never seen a guy with a Sox shirt and a Packer hat." he knew the feelings between the Bears and Packers and figured that if I had a Sox shirt on, I must be a Bears fan.

Back at the hotel, I was on the computer downstairs catching up on e-mails and blog entries, a couple checked in wearing Packer hats and shirts. I overheard them asking where the Packer bars in the area were in Fort Myers Beach. I told him I had seen one advertising for the Green Bay crowd.

Later the desk clerk came over to me and had a print out he had gotten from There were two in Fort Myers and also Cape Coral Crab and Steakhouse was the good old green and gold.

By the way, I'm a Packer fan unless they play the Bears.

Have to Keep My Priorities Straight. --RoadDog

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