Monday, May 16, 2011

Great American Summer Road Trips-- Part 1


Great Road Trips if you can afford them with these ridiculous gas prices. Mileage and length of time from the site.

BOURBON TRAIL-- in Kentucky. I've been to one place of the six or seven. Designated driver strongly suggested.

GREAT RIVER ROAD-- 2,968 miles, 5 days, Lake Ithasca, Minnesota to Gulf of Mexico along the Mississippi River. I've driven parts of it.

BBQ TOUR-- 892 miles, 2 days, North Carolina. I've been to a whole bunch of them, but there is only so much bbq you can eat in two days. This one, like the Bourbon Trail, is one best done in segments. At least you can't get a DUI, maybe a POI, Piggin' Out Influence.

LONELIEST ROAD-- US-50 from San Francisco to Maryland. 5,902 miles, 9 days. The "Loneliest Road" part is mostly out west in Nevada.

On the Road Again, I Can't Afford to Be On the Road Again. --RoadDog

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