Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Escaping the Blizzard: Cape Coral, Fl.-- Part 12: Boating, a '67, a Hoot and a Monkey

February 5th-- SATURDAY


Still cruising on the mighty Caloosahatchie River across central Florida. We went as far as the Franklin Lock and Dam, about 33 miles up the river (which is 67 miles long and drains the northern part of the Everglades.

We passed the U-75 bridge and the two US-41 bridges as well as the very first US-41 bridge.

Once we got past Fort Myers, where the river really widens, it got really rough because of the wind. I've been on rough water on the Chain of Lakes, but never anything like this. We were really taking a pounding.

Then, we were almost swamped by the wake of a very large private cruiser, the GRBs!!! Probably a hedge fund manager.

We went to the Cape Coral Beach pier where Tim pulled the boat out with major difficulty because of all the wind-driven waves.

A '67, A HOOT and a MONKEY

Went to Tim and Liz's and saw they had a '67 Camaro convertible!! Wow! Brought back memories of my old '67 Firebird convertible. After some slobbering on my part, everyone met up at the local Hooter's for some much needed food and drinks. This one is about the third-ever Hooter's built. The chain started in Clearwater, Florida, up the coast.

Satiated, we went out to take a look at what may become Uncle Al's new home. He'll put in a bid Monday when the bank opens.

Back to the motel and that was all for Frank who went to bed.

I walked across the street to the Monkey Bar and had some comments about my Green Bay Packer hat (hey, tomorrow was Super Bowl and you-know-who was playing).

Enjoyed the brews and one-man band.

A Good Day NOT to Be in the Frigid North. --RoadDog

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