Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Illinois Civil War Cruise 2011: Part 3-- 23 to 66 and a Log


I should mention that we had seen several scoutmasters and Webelo Scouts at the McDonald's in Genoa, Illinois, at 10:30 am. I was wondering why they were not in school. Found out later that they were probably on their way to Springfield for the big Boy Scout get-together this past weekend. (I wrote about it today on my Civil War blog at http://sawtheelephant.blogspot.com.

From Dekalb, we took Il-23 south, a drive we usually don't take. To get to Route 66, I wouldn't do this again as we figure we went a lot of miles out of our way. But, it is a nice drive through some pretty farmland.

We did have to go through Ottawa, a city with a lot of murals, and Streeter. Ottawa was also on the Illinois River.


We arrived at Pontiac and went north on old Route 66 to a favorite place of ours, the Old Log Cabin, north of town. We hadn't eaten there for quite some time. (We had wanted to eat at the Palms Cafe in Atlanta, but the length of the drive on 23 put a kabosh on that plan.

I ordered their steak dinner: a 10-oz top sirloin, sweet potato tater tots, salad and a roll for $9.99. Liz had a walleye dinner for $7.99. I highly recommend their home made ranch and thousand island dressings. Then, those sweet potato tater tots (try to say that ten times real fast) were something else. I'd never heard of them before. I thought I liked sweet potato fries a lot, but like these even better.

On the way out, I saw there was a concrete slab between the restaurant and the old gas station. I thought they might be planning an outside place to eat. Went back in and the owner said they had put it in because the back foundation of the place had rotted away and they had shored it up with the slab.

But, they might turn it into outside seating.

Feelin' Mighty Full. --RoadDog

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