Monday, May 23, 2011

Eat Your Way Across America: Fifty States, 50 Food Festivals-- Part 1: The Midwest

From the May 22nd Parade Magazine.

I'll start close to home in the Midwest.

28. WORLD'S LARGEST BRAT FEST-- Madison, Wisconsin May 27-30. In 2010 a record 209,376 bratwursts were eaten along with 172 gallons of relish, hopefully sauerkraut. I might go to this one. Madison is about 70 miles away.

29. RHUBARB FESTIVAL-- Lanesboro, Minnesota June 4th. member of the buckwheat family and too much like strawberries if you ask me.

30. TASTE OF CHICAGO-- Chicago, Illinois June 24-July 3rd. Said to be world's largest food festival. In 2010, 2.6 million attended.

31. NATIONAL CHERRY FESTIVAL-- Traverse City, Michigan July 2-9. All sorts of cherry...and, of course, cherry pie.

32. WAYNE CHICKEN SHOW-- Wayne, Nebraska July 8-10-- Any and all things chicken.

The Way to My heart, Er...Stomach. --RoadDog

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