Friday, July 15, 2011

State Tidbits: Cruising and Seeing on the Old Roads

From the July 10-16th American Profile Magazine.

MISSOURI-- Actors, newscasters and politicians (especially the Prez) owe a big thanks to Hubert "Hub" Schlafy (1919-2011) who was born in St. Louis and helped to invent the teleprompter, debuting in 1950.

NEBRASKA-- Ward Bond Memorial Park in BENKELMAN (pop.953) is named for native son and star of TV's Wagon train. One of my favorite shows with Ward as Gil favor and, of course, Rowdy Yates. Let's "Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out."

NORTH DAKOTA-- Judge Ronald N. Davies High School in FARGO honors the federal judge best known for ordering the racial integration of schools in Little Rock, Ark., in 1957. He died in Fargo. Dedication ceremonies for the new school are set for this August.

OHIO-- The first ceramic cookie jar created in 1929 by Brush pottery of ZANESVILLE (pop. 25.487). The lidded green jar was embossed with the word, get this, "Cookies." there are lots of pottery places in and around Zanesville, one of the things it is noted for along with the famous "Y" Bridge.

I Wonder If the Teleprompter Had Anything to Do with the Karaoke Machine? --RoadDog

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