Monday, July 4, 2011

"Bad Teacher"-- Antioch-- A Liquor Store-- The Problem with Bourbon

Continuing with June 30th.


After those dee-licious Charcoburgers and a little bit of root beer at Dog 'N Suds in Ingleside, I went to the Fox Lake Theatre and saw the movie "Bad Teacher." In these days of anti-teacher sentiment, this movie can hardly help our case even if the characters were definitely to the extreme.

One thing I can relate to with the lead character, was her not knowing her students' names. I had a BIG problem with that, especially toward the end of my career. Only, I really tried to learn their names whereas she didn't.


One of the great locate villages we have here in northeast Illinois. This one has a real downtown where every building is occupied and everyone appears to be doing well.


I went to Antioch Liquors at Il-173 and Il-83, a favorite browsing place for me when I'm in town. Huge selection and some really good specials. I ended up buying an Old Forester Bourbon set put out in 2008 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition. Old Forester got a special government exemption so they were able to continue producing bourbon for medicinal purposes during Prohibition. That's one slick owner!


Personally, I didn't much like bourbon, other than those neat water towers in Bourbon, Missouri, along Route 66. Just thinking about those towers being filled with bourbon brings a smile to my face. Actually I got to liking bourbon on an American Road Magazine road trip to Kentucky back several years ago.

We stayed at the Wig Wam Village in Cave City and went to the Heaven Hill Distillery on the auto tour. Plus, at nights, I "had" to drink friend Denny's bourbon after I found out we were in a "dry" county. Had I known of its dryness, I would have toted my hooch in with me.

Feeling a Bit in Need of Some "Medicine" Myself. --RoadDog

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